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Carly’s Conspiracy Corner #3: The Moon Landing is a Hoax

Welcome to my third article of this series on BUnow, Carly’s Conspiracy Corner! This is a series that introduces and emphasizes all sorts of conspiracy theories throughout the world. None of these theories are a matter of my own opinion but found upon evidence given by many others. Enjoy!

Space is a confusing “never-ending” mystery to the world. Haha, get my joke? Okay, enough of the puns here. Let’s get down to business. What exactly is the moon landing? July 20, 1969 was a day with a great leap for mankind—the day man walked on the moon. It was a great endeavor and step for humanity to learn more about space. But what if it never happened?

The excursion began the morning of July 16 when Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins await their flight. At 9:32 a.m., the engines fired and Apollo 11 cleared the tower starting the excursion to the moon. After the launch, they entered into Earth’s orbit. As they went into lunar orbit, they entered into the chambers of the rocket. Armstrong and Aldrin entered the lunar module, “Eagle,” while Collins entered the “Columbia,” the command module. At this point, the team prepared for the descent.

At their final moments of descent, the alarms started to sound. The group was on the edge of their seats, but soon realized it was their computer systems doing too many things at once. The group landed at 4:17 p.m. with only 30 seconds of fuel remaining. Armstrong alerted the command center that the “Eagle” had landed and they had a million things to worry about within the unknown of the moon. At 10:56 p.m., they were to broadcast their first steps on the moon.

An official montage had been made for it and was restored in 2009.

Armstrong and Aldrin blast off with Collins in “Columbia.” The crew began their journey home. They landed and splashed down off Hawaii on July 24 and Kennedy’s challenge had been accomplished: Men from Earth walked on the moon and returned from their journey safely home.

But, why do so many people believe the first moon landing is a hoax?

Ten percent or more of Americans believe the moon landing was fake. Around the time, JFK happened to be in the middle of a space race with the USSR. Kennedy was determined to get there first. The plan started out as very intuitive and impulsive. The U.S. lacked the necessary technology to make it to the moon. Without the necessary technological advancements, how could it have been done? People have come up with the idea the government staged it all to show they beat Russia to the moon. The Americans were not ready to do this excursion nor even survive it. There is rumor to believe it was all staged for show.

Another issue is that in the photos with the American flag, the flag is waving. According to theories and evidence, the flag should not be waving because it is in the vacuum of space. Skeptics have been looking at this piece of evidence for over 50 years. Theorists believe that the landing was filmed in Hollywood Studios by Stanley Kubrick or filmed in the deserts of Nevada. Another issue with flying the flag is that it wasn’t necessarily allowed. Flying the flag during the Apollo 11 mission was a secret mission given by Congress. Tom Moser, a young designer for this mission, said, “Someone in Congress said make it happen, but it had to be done quietly, because putting a U.S. flag on the moon was politically sensitive.” NASA had to work past a United Nations treaty that banned the national appropriation of outer space or any celestial bodies. The flag was too tricky of a mission to make happen on the moon, so they might as well do the mission in a Hollywood studio.

Photo captured of American flag “flying” on the Moon.

Another clue that people sway to is within the name of Neil Armstrong. Neil A. spelled backwards happens to be the word “alien.” Maybe, the moon landing wasn’t an act of America and the USSR all along.

The evidence makes a lot of points and shows that the landing truly could be fake news or a “hoax”. What do you think? Is the Moon Landing fake or definitely an important part of history? ©