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After Dark

Bloomsburg’s Secret Spots



Throughout your years at Bloomsburg University, you start to notice hidden gems throughout the town. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know where you like to go. Here are my top four spots I think you need to try:


  1. Hess’ is a little bar located on Main St., yes many know of it but only few wonder in. If you’re feeling hungry on a Monday night. they have 50-cent hot dogs. They’re cheaper than Pink Wieners $2 dogs which are not even out on Monday nights. As an added bonus you can wash it down with a nice brew.


  1. If you’re hanging out on Fetterman and need to get on the diner side of town, there’s a little cut through you need to know about. Pixie Pond is a little slice of heaven that will make your journey a little shorter and off of Light street.


  1. For all of you smokers out there, did you know that Naps and Campus Beer would deliver a pack of cigarettes with your food or beer? Just ask and it’ll be added into the cost of your order. Easy and convenient!campus


  1. Back in the day, Hardware Bar used to be called Harry’s. At Harry’s they had a drink called the Damian, and when Hardware Bar took over, people still came in for the signature cocktail. The bartender, not knowing what it was, had to learn how to make the drink because of the popularity. I’m not giving anything away, so you’ll have to try it out for yourself.