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Best Bar Specials in Bloomsburg

Do you feel the need to go out and get a drink every night? Are you also looking for spots that provide you with the absolute best deals so your wallet doesn’t take a beating?

We’ve got you covered at BUnow, here are the best specials for every night of the week in Bloomsburg.


 West End Ale Haus: 5-7-0 Pitchers

  • 5-7-0 pitchers is a great deal for beer drinkers everywhere. The $5 pitcher is usually a beer like Coors Light or PBR. The $7 pitcher is usually a domestic beer, so you have your choice of Bud Light, Budweiser, Miller Lite etc. But what makes this the best deal is the $10 craft beer pitcher, which for craft beer lovers everywhere, is a steal. Sometimes a regular pint of a craft beer can be $8, with this deal you get about four beers for $2 more than the price of one.


 Capitol: 40 cent wings and $1 Miller High Life

  • Do you like beer, wings and trivia with friends? Capitol on Tuesday nights is certainly the place for you. Trivia starts at 9:00 p.m. so get there early!
  • Also, Marley’s has their Wing Night on Tuesday. Head there for 40 cent wings!


 Hardware bar: 50 cent drafts and Beer Pong Tourney

  • Yes, you read that right: Fifty cent beers every Wednesday night at Hardware. On top of that steal, they have pong night, which is always a great time, and if you get hot enough you can go home with $100 in your pocket. Hint: Go downstairs when you get there—the lines for beer are much shorter.
  • Wing Nights: 40 cent wings at both West End and Good Ole Days.


Hardware bar: $3 Well Drink Pitchers

Even though they’re not full size pitchers, this deal at Hardware you can’t miss. You may be hurting the next day, but Thursday’s at Hardware are legendary.


Good Ole Days: $2.50 Budweiser pitchers

Unlike Hardware, who has small pitchers for their pitcher deal, Good Ole Day’s won’t cheat you on their pitchers. These are full size and $2.50 for a Budweiser pitcher is the best deal in town. Heck, a regular Budweiser is usually more than $2.50, now you get 4 for that price. Steal.

Hint: They also have this deal on Saturday’s so don’t be afraid to double dip.


Capitol: $1 Well Drinks from 9-12:00 p.m.

The name pretty much speaks for itself. Dollar well drinks are a steal and Capitol is always a great time on a Saturday.


West End Ale Haus: $2 Bud Light Aluminum Bottles, $1 Well Drinks and $2 Double Shot Well Drinks

Drinking on a Sunday? You alcoholic. West End has a nice special for the football games and has all the games going on at the same time. If you’re unfamiliar with Bud Light Aluminum Bottles, they’re basically pounders in bottle form and $2 is pretty cheap for them.