Dear Cutie with the Curves,

As caterpillars shed from their cocoons to blossom into a butterfly, we too must depart with the old and embrace the new. College is a time where change is all around us. All this learning and growing was sure to affect more than our minds! Here are a few things that may help finding clothes for newfound curves.

Keep an open mind.

First and foremost getting clothes you are comfortable in is most important. The fashion world is ever evolving and not all clothes fit the same, so it’s important to keep an open mind when updating your wardrobe. One thing I like to do is scroll through Pinterest before shopping to get some ideas on new pieces I could look for that work with my own style.

Try Everything On.

Think something is cute but not sure if it will work? Try it on! The best part of going shopping is playing dress up in the fitting room. Be mindful of what you think will work with your everyday life but also try out new styles that show off your beautiful self. You never know what could end up becoming some of your favorite new pieces!

Check out Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores.

Balling on a budget? Check out some thrift shops around town or even when you visit home for winter break! They are great places to find some gems. Living in a college town, you are sure to find some great pieces to add to your own collection. Facebook groups, such as BU Thrift Shop  offer the luxury of thrift shopping without immediately leaving your bed.

Sometimes change can be overwhelming and trying on clothes that just don’t work can get extremely frustrating. Girl, we’ve all be there before. What’s a new exciting journey without a little bit of struggle?

I think the stereotype that women love to shop so much is partial to how many clothes we can try on in one trip. While it is fun to play dress up in fitting rooms, it’s also a time where we decide a part of who we want to be. Dressing to your style is key to being comfortable and living your best life! Curves are beautiful and you should embrace them!

Shout out to those commons cookies too, I always leave with one in my hand. With college comes change, enjoy it!

Have fun shopping,

xxo Bri

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