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Alcohol in a Target?

Target may have a solution for the stress of shopping: serving alcohol.

That’s right, a Target store is being built in Chicago as we speak, and there’s speculation that it may serve cocktails and sell booze. It’s scheduled to open on Oct. 7. So ditch that coffee or soda and choose something a little bit more… “flavorful.”

According to The Chicago Tribune, the Target company has applied for two liquor licenses in the Windy City. One license, which is fairly standard already, would allow it to stock booze on the shelves. This is called a “Consumption on Premises — Incidental Activity” license. This license applies when restaurants, theaters, hotels and other businesses want to sell liquor as a secondary business. It costs $4,400 for two years.

Consumerist reports that the other license would allow it to have a bar that serves beer, wine, and spirits. Gee, all of that shopping makes you want a drink, right?

This concept isn’t new in Chicago — in fact, several markets there already serve alcohol, including Standard Market and Plum Market, says the LA Times. A nearby Whole Foods Market has its own wine bar, and it also serves alcohol in-store.

The alcohol licenses aren’t the only things that make this store unique. The space is less than one fifth the size of a regular Target. But don’t worry — if you don’t feel like having a drink, it’ll still have a Starbucks.

Target has remained silent on whether this endeavor will expand to all stores across the states, or whether it’ll just be a Chicago exclusive.

Maybe places like Walmart should follow suit (especially in good ol’ Bloomsburg — wink wink).



Nick Tate

Music Editor for BUnow, Mass Communications major/Professional Writing minor, Bloomsburg University Class of 2016.