A Letter to my Drunk Hookup


This is a letter to the person I slept with when we were both drunk. We may have gotten a little crazy that night but it was fun, right?

Well our night was interesting to say the least. I regret to tell you that I don’t actually remember a lot of our night. The last thing I remember is us stumbling to my room attempting to make out; which really was probably more or less us just sucking on each other’s faces, because well, we were trashed. If you want, we can pretend it was a hot steamy make out session like in the movies.  But really, it’s never like that. I do remember at some point us ending up on my bed but after the shirts came off the whole thing is a bit fuzzy.Wake_0b34c8_5444644

I’m not sure why we found it necessary to pretty much trash my room but we managed to do that.  I’m going to guess that happened when you were trying to take off my pants since they were skinny jeans; and let’s be honest, those things are impossible to get off when you’re sober.  I really wish at this point I didn’t have long hair because apparently you found the need to pull it and I woke up with a huge knot in it. But I guess I’ll let the hair thing slid since I did apparently “carnivorously tear” at your flesh (your words not mine). Everyone needs a good drunk vampire story, right? Maybe I owe you some make up.


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know even though I don’t remember most of the night, I don’t really regret it because I’m young and I’m allowed to have fun. I hope you don’t regret that night either and I hope we can look back on the whole thing and laugh. Thanks for the crazy sex filled night; it was fun, at least I think it was fun from what I remember.



Your drunken friend