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6 Best Cures For A Hangover

Whilst here in American I have experienced the worst hangovers I have ever had in my life. At home in England I am a regular drinker, I mean why wouldn’t I be? The legal drinking age is 18 over there, university almost centers around drunken nights and I come from a pub-owning family.

My point is a tolerance to alcohol has built up over the years and hangovers occur rarely. However, I CANNOT DRINK HERE (not the way I would at home anyway) and the few times I have over the last couple of months, I have died and come back to life… literally. One weekend my flatmate insisted I see a doctor. I was that bad. It got me thinking, what are some hangover cures?

Hair Of The Dog:

This is probably one of my personal favorites (but only because I like to drink). This cure is favorable amongst the English – simply to cure your hangover, drink more. I myself would have one drink the next day and it pretty much levels me out.  Science says this does not work, I, on the other hand, have met tons of people over the year that swear by it.

*If you try this one out, don’t drive*

Drink Vodka?

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A bunch of researchers decided to look into which alcohol substances resulted in more severe hangovers. They had some participants drink darker liquors and others drink vodka. The study found those drinking liquors like whiskey or bourbon had more and greater hangover symptoms. Conclusion? Stick to voddy.


Water Water Water:

This one seems simple, but hangovers symptoms are somewhat caused by dehydration. Drink your water! Drink it whilst you’re out for a night out, drink it before you get into bed, sleep with a bottle next to you, and then again when you wake up.

Line That Stomach: 

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One schoolboy error is drinking on an empty stomach. Although this is not a direct hangover cure, it will ensure you are not over intoxicated too early on in the night. Ensure a good dinner is eaten to help break down some of the alcohol you’re drinking.

Restore Your Electrolytes: 

At home I would grab a bottle of Lukozade, here the next best thing is Gatorade. When drinking, our body losses vital electrolytes. Drinking sports drinks, coconut water or sugary drinks like Gatorade restores electrolytes which eases your headaches. Some people also recommend the product Pedialyte to help with dehydration and restoring the lost electrolytes.

Other weird things: 

Some bizarre things I managed to stumble across include:

  • Pickle JuiceImage result for buffalo milk cartoon
  • Buffalo Milk
  • Rubbing lemon or lime on your armpits
  • Dried Bull Penis
  • Tomato juice and pickled sheep’s eye cocktail (good luck finding this one)

Comment hangover cures you swear by below, and drink responsibly!