Found: the Best Sub in Bloomsburg

Finding the most delicious sub at the best price in Bloomsburg is no easy task for the typical college student.

Finding the most delicious sub at the best price in Bloomsburg is no easy task for the typical college student.

With so many options and so much variety to choose from the decision-making process can be very difficult. But three friends: Elizabeth Linfante, Georgette Elmes and Marissa Arakelian took up the challenge and went on a week-long journey to find the best sub (not hoagie or grinder) in town.

Subway, Steph’s Subs, Berrigans and Quizznos were the chosen places due to their location and popularity among Bloom students. Eventually, after countless meals of meats, dressings, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles all stuffed into one roll, the judges found a winner.

The first stop for these friends was Subway where “the service was very quick thus, starting the adventure off on a good note,” according to Arakelian. Each of the judges took advantage of the “$5 Any Footlong,” deal and ordered: the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sub, the Traditional Turkey sub and the Italian BMT. Each sampled a small portion and had nothing but praise for each sandwich.

“Each sub was totally scrumptious, the bread was amazing and the meats and veggies were very fresh” said Elmes. “It’s a great and cheap meal for five bucks.”

Linfante agreed and liked the option of personalizing her sub. “Having the option of choosing different kinds of bread added a personal touch in creating your own sub.”
The next stop for our munchers on their sub quest was Steph’s Subs. With the cold weather outside, the girls were thrilled to be indoors and once they arrived, they noticed this local deli offered a huge variety. The subs ordered here: the Hot Cheese Steak sub, Cold Italian sub and a Turkey and American sub. Since 6-inch subs were ordered this time, each really enjoyed every last morsel of her meal. “The Cheese Steak sub was really perfect, particularly on a cold day like today” said Arakelian. “Although it’s not quite the Philly Cheese Steak, it was still good none the less.”
As their stomachs started filling up, the judges made their way over to the third destination, Berrigans. Opting for warm subs once again, two of the judges ordered six-inch, hot subs: Buffalo Chicken and Chicken Parm, while the third ordered a six-inch Ham and Cheese sub.

“Since Chicken Parm is my favorite food I could not resist ordering the Chicken Parm sub,” said Linfante. “The sauce and melted cheese on top is absolutely fabulous, I am certainly not disappointed with my order.”

Another judge ordered the Ham and Cheese sub, but was not as thrilled. “The Ham and Cheese sub is also tasty, but very plain,” Arakelian said. “However, I could not put anything else on a Ham and Cheese sandwich though because it could potentially ruin it.”
Finally, with a feeling of anticipation, our munchers made their way into the fourth and final deli, Quizznos. Since this was the last day, the girls wanted to make their best selections but they were taken aback at first by the menu. Some of the subs listed were foreign to our judges. However, they knew they were on a mission and did away with any hesitations and ordered: the Honey Mustard Chicken with Bacon sub, the Turkey, Ranch and Swiss sub and the Traditional sub. Again, each sampled a small portion of what the others ordered. Although, this time the Traditional sub put a look of pleasant surprise on each of the judge’s faces. This sandwich consisted of roast beef, turkey, ham, black olives, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and red onions. At first, nothing was said by anyone, but after a few moments, Linfante summed it up best. Popping up out of her chair she exclaimed, “It’s a traditional sub with an added kick! It just makes your taste buds go a mile a minute!”

After several minutes of laughter the friends discussed and came to the unanimous decision: The Traditional sub offered the most variety, was the most filling and had just the right “kick” to earn the title of Best Sub in Bloomsburg.