Tara Fitzgerald, a first time voter, eagerly waits the election to voice her opinion. 



Tara Fitzgerald, a first time voter, eagerly waits the election to voice her opinion.

Tara Fitzgerald eagerly waited for today so she could vote for Presidential Candidate John McCain.  She looks forward to being an active member in her community as well as voicing her long awaited opinion. Fitzgerald considers it as “a gratifying event” and she feels she is doing her job as an American citizen.

As a first time voter at the age of 18, she is “hoping to choose a winner for our country.” She has a belief that McCain will actively be able to help out our country and provide a better environment for United States citizens. Proudly displaying John McCain and Sarah Palin stickers in her room as well as wearing a “proud to be Republican pin,” Fitzgerald is ready for a change.

When asked why she was interested in voting for McCain, her answer was simple: “He has better views than Obama.” Fitzgerald stresses the importance of weighing the candidates’ platforms on issues before voting. This way, it would ensure that the person has made the right vote for our next president.

Fitzgerald believes that the war in Iraq and the economy are the main controversies that need to be fixed in today’s society. She feels that McCain will be more effective in resolving these issues. “I like his thoughts and ideas in providing a better, unified country.”

This 2008 election has been of much controversy and has been a huge part of the media. Fitzgerald believes it is going to be a very close race, and says that “Everyone should do their part and vote.”

With that said, U.S. citizens should take the time to vote in this historical election. Your opinions and thoughts should be voiced in this election.