Author’s note: These theories have some truth behind them, but many, including myself, believe that cover-ups were at play.

Alongside the plot of a popular series on The CW, Roswell, N.M. is a real place that hosts a lot of theories. Whether they are true or not can be left up to you.

Roswell, N.M., an extremely popular location for alien enthusiasts, originally gained a lot of popularity from some governmental actions that took place in 1947.

The military covered up the top-secret Project Mongul because of its new technologies.

The Army Air Force made it known that the unidentified flying object that crash-landed wasn’t a flying saucer, but they tried to play it off as if it was a weather balloon.

It could have been a balloon that did crash land, but it was in fact not a weather balloon. There was a report released in 1994 from the Army Air Force that stated it was “most likely one of the Mongul balloons that had not been previously recovered.”

The term “most likely” is what stands out, because it is not a definite yes or a definite no.

What do you believe?

Are aliens real, and was this a cover-up?


Was it just an old balloon, maybe even one from Project Mongul?

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