An amazing new invention has been created, it is so great, it will blow your mind. It is called the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot.

According to USA Today, the creator of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot, Dominique Ansel, did not want to change the classical milk and cookies, he just made a different way to consume the favorite dessert.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot is exactly what it sounds like, a shot glass made out of cookie and filled with milk.

Ansel is also the creator of the Cronut, which is a cross between a croissant and donut, he also created the Frozen S’more, an ice cream and marshmallow confection.

Frozen S’more

The Cronut







Some other food crazes include:

-The Crookie from Toronto bakery, Clafoutis; a cross between a croissant and Oreo.

The Crookie


– Keizo Shimamoto created the Ramen Burger which, according to Mashable, is a standard beef patty swaddled between two lightly-fried “buns” made of ramen noodles.

The Ramen Burger


-The Mac Attack Burger from Chicago’s Rockit Burger Bar, which is pretty much mac & cheese in the buns of the burger.

The Mac Attack Burger


There are many other food crazes out there, you should try some or maybe create your own. I might do so myself!