9-Year-Old Russian Model Grabs the Attention of the World

From Facebook

Kristina Pimenova is the nine-year-old Russian model who is sparking a lot of interest on social media. There is no denying that she is beautiful, but the question is: is she too young for this type of attention?

“Women Daily Magazine” has referred to Kristina as “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Taken from Instagram
Taken from Instagram

It’s definite that she is drawing attention with her 2,845,260 likes on Facebook and 612,000 Instagram followers.

Back in November, a picture was posted on Instagram of Kristina sitting on a bed with her legs stretched out, wearing pajamas.

Like most of her pictures, many comments were posted. These comments range from people envying her to sexualizing her.

Those who envied her say things such as “Leg goals” or “She’s nine and prettier than me.” Unfortunately, there are people in the world who are able to sexualize anything and comment, letting the world know how they feel: “Omg this is too much sexy.”

The comments sexualizing Kristina leads to other people defending her. On this particular picture, many commented on the fact that she is merely wearing pajamas just like we did when we were a kid. Just because you’re wearing shorts, it doesn’t mean you want everyone to admire and/or check out your legs.

It’s pretty sad that little kids can be sexualized like that in our society, but social media allows it. Kristina’s mother should have known the risks of posting these pictures of her daughter for the world to see. Unfortunately, there is plenty of ugly in the world that is hard to get away from.

Kristina might just be the most beautiful girl in the world at nine years old, but she doesn’t deserve to be exposed to these sexualized comments at that young of an age.