9 Reasons Why We Love New Girl

It’s an ironic and spunky fairy tale – we can’t help but LOVE New Girl.

After a short hiatus for the holiday break, the third season of FOX’s New Girl returned on Tuesday, Jan. 7. Though more than a month has passed, many have stayed loyal to the show and watched the cast come together again in the weird, loving way that they do. Here’s why we did.

1. Jess, The Quirky Cutie – Most people either love the show or hate it because she is the main character. Played by Zooey Deschanel, Jess is well known for her overwhelmingly cute and quirky personality. Her trademark vintage clothes and hipster attitude wrap the cast together to make the perfect situation. This on top of her big blue eyes and extreme, some would call it invasive, care for others could not make a better main character.

2. Nick, The Underachieving Teddy Bear – Nick doesn’t immediately come off as the sexiest, put together man you’ve ever seen, but throughout the seasons, Nick starts to grow on you. He may just be a law school drop-out who bar tends to just barely make it by, but he is silly and funny, and a super sweetheart. It’s impossible not to fall in love with him when he’s done something stupid and gives that stupid, crooked grin of his.

3. Schmidt, The “Womanizer” – We could have just grouped the cast together, but each character is so important to the appeal of the show that they each deserved their own number. Schmidt keeps everyone on their toes, characters and viewers alike, with his crazy habits and metro attitude. He plays himself off to be this slick, lady-killer, but deep down we all see the sweetheart he is, especially when it comes to Jess’ best friend CeCe or his roommates.

4. Winston, The Voice of Reason – He is the man that keeps everyone level headed even when he isn’t. He normally has the most righteous advice, unless it comes to himself and stealing a girl’s cat. It’s refreshing to watch a character be the three C’s (calm, cool, and collected) but also freak out when his puzzle is ruined.

5. Awkward situations – Normal television shows don’t even touch base with the kinds of awkward situations the cast of New Girl experience every episode. Whether it be the guys going along with Jess’ weird antics or Winston trying to pick up other cats to mate with his cat, there’s always an uncomfortable situation to watch. Unlike Nick who moonwalks away from awkward situations, we want to moonwalk INTO the awkward.

6. The cute situations – Though New Girl is a comedy, there are too many heartwarming moments to count. Moments like Schmidt falling madly in love with CeCe or Nick realizing he really loves his con-artist father make our hearts melt. Sometimes pure comedy shows are not what we need to stay addicted, and New Girl proves it.

7. Living the dream – The living situation in this show is every guy and girl’s dream. A really cute girl moves in with three good looking guys and they all become BFF’s. There’s always the hint of flirtation between the cast and one of them ends up falling in love with her – it’s too good to be true, so we have to live it out through New Girl.

8. The love story – The love story between Nick and Jess is a little odd, to say the least. The two seem completely incompatible in values, but somehow they make it work so comfortably. Again, we love to live the rare, somewhat impossible, situations out through the show. They are silly and honest with each other and it works out to make an adorable couple.

9.Friendship – The friendship these roommates have is so strong, but in a weird way. The guys may seem like they are cold and uncaring, but when one of them is in need, like Jess getting her stuff from her ex-boyfriend’s house, they come to the rescue without a doubt. Good friendship like this warms our hearts and teaches us good morals and all that junk.

There is no telling what kind of funked-up situations the cast of New Girl will end up in next. Take a chance on it every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST