5 Ways to Be a Good Roommate This Year

College dorm life

This post was originally published in 2013.

We all know it’s not as easy as you think to share a room with someone. Plus, most people go into their freshman year not knowing their roommate. There are rules, or just common courtesies, that make for a great living situation. Here are a couple of things I learned my first time sharing a room my freshman year:
1) Be organized.
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2) Always ask, don’t take.
You might think you have a good enough relationship with your roommate that you don’t have to ask to borrow their calculator or take their food, but that might not always be the case. To be safe, always ask before you take something of theirs or set guidelines with your roommate to clear up what is okay to take and what is not.



3) Noise might be fine for you, but not your roommate.
Music might work for you when you’re studying, but some people need complete silence. Everyone is different and that is why something as simple as putting in headphones can work for you and your roommate.


4) Remember it’s their room too.
You may love when your boyfriend or girlfriend sleeps over, but your roommate might feel uncomfortable. Yes, you can do what you want because it’s your room, but before you ambush them with your significant other ask your roommate if they mind them being there. This can avoid a meltdown in the middle of night!


5) Discuss pet peeves at the beginning of the semester.
The best way to have a great relationship with your roommate is to discuss at the beginning of the semester your pet peeves. This way you guys can get to know what bothers each other and you will be able to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Although using these tips might not prevent all conflicts, they can certainly help! Remember, by sharing this article you are automatically entered in the giveaway to win a FREE Aussie Pouch! Let’s start the school year off right and make this a great school year at Bloom!