5 Thoughts on the Night Before Senior Year

You close your eyes and you’re ready for bed. You are finally moved back into Bloom, or if you’re a commuter, you are ready for another semester. You suddenly wake up in the dead of night, turn toward your alarm clock (iPhone probably but just let me say alarm clock), and wonder why you are awake at three in the morning. Ah, yes. I forgot to eat my favorite food before bed. So, you go downstairs to the kitchen to make yourself a late night snack. The calendar catches your eye and then you gasp. It says that it is July. That is not right. Silly you forgot to change the calendar to the correct date!

Your heart sinks deeper when you look at your calendar. That doesn’t say August 2014. It’s not even August 2015. It’s 2016??!! As in senior year?? Yep. Wake up, buttercup, because life is about to get even more beautifully confusing in the next couple of months. The thoughts running through your head are probably similar to the ones I have posted below.*

*Remember, I don’t graduate until May 2017 (hopefully), so I don’t know what it is like in the real world. I just like answering questions.

  1. Wait, wasn’t it 2014 yesterday??

Technically it was two years ago.



  1. There was a sophomore year??

Somewhere deep in your mind filled with witty one liners and useless information about The Beatles, there are memories from a certain sophomore year somewhere in that brain of yours.



  1. Where am I going to live this time next year?

On the STREETS you liberal arts graduate. HAHAHA! Just kidding. You may not like it, but bunking with old mom and dad is a more probable situation than not. Let me ask you a question, would you rather be homeless or live with your parents? Wait, don’t answer that. Get past the nagging and be thankful your parents want you back at all!



  1. Should I have fun this school year?

It’s senior year. Should I live up my final year of college as a legal drinking citizen of this great country? Or should I sort of grow up and look for jobs this whole year? Well, that’s a hard question. Here’s my answer: how much fun can you make stories about writing resumes? That’s what I thought (I say this while my ass will be in the library all the time probably).



  1. What will happen to me and my friends?

The most important question. You’ve known most of these people for three years. You’ve been through so much together. From the blackout of September 2013 to Beyoncé’s surprise visual album. They’ve seen you at your best and your worst. They’re your biggest cheerleaders and your biggest pains in the ass. What will you do without them? I do not know. What I do know, is that if your friendship is really as strong as you think it is, it won’t end come May when we walk on the Academic Quad one last time. Real friendship doesn’t have an expiration date or time limit.



As for you, I think you’ll be just fine. If you have survived three years of college so far, one more year is going to be a breeze. Now, that’s either good or bad news. I think it is bits of both. Try not to wish this whole year away. The stress of college is different than the stress of the real world. Also, don’t waste this whole year thinking you were back in junior, sophomore, or freshman year. Those times can be reflected on 10 years from now. As of this moment, focus on this year. Do what you can to finish up strong, but have fun. We will persevere my fellow Huskies. I believe in you all.


But hey, what do I know? I haven’t even graduated yet.