1. Happiness


Hooray! If you’re a senior, you can take a breather, sit down, and un-clench your cheeks. This strike that lasted three school days will not have impact on whether you will graduate on time. December 2016 or my May 2017 seniors, relax kids, you’re still getting your diploma! We can hopefully look back on this experience and give it a good laugh someday.


2. Confusion


Okay. So we just go back to class like nothing ever happened? Resume our daily routine? Pick up where our professor left off? I know it was only three missed school days, but, jeez, I lose track of time after a regular weekend. Wait, what day is it? What are my classes again?


3. Stress


Those three days off were used for a couple of things: “Fall Block Party,” sleeping, Law & Order: SVU marathons, and more day drinking. Basically, no one studied. I’m being completely honest here. I am as prepared to get back to class as Donald Trump is prepared during the Presidential debates. Like in Trump fashion, I will just conduct myself in a manner where I think I know what I’m talking about.


4. Empowered


If you were the students who stood with the professors during the strike, wrote articles or emails expressing your opinion on the matter, or just simply went outside and took pictures as a citizen journalist, congratulations. You were a part of history and you (should) feel empowered by it. You saw something that will define your time here at Bloomsburg University or any of the other schools associated with Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). Without us students walking side by side with the faculty, who knows how long it would’ve taken for PASSHE to return to the table and for both sides to settle their differences and reach an agreement.


If you did not part take in any of this, I hope you feel empowered by beating your Netflix binge record, your day drinking record, and your pizza consuming record. We are all winners here.