Gas price worries a thing of the past

Gas prices have been falling steadily now for eight weeks. One of the earliest signs came on Oct. 31, when Berwick’s Fifth Street was filled with cars. People from all over town had heard the news: Food Express gas station had dropped its prices to $1.99 a gallon. The news was so big that some radio stations had even mentioned it.

It was like trick-or-treating for gas. The cashier, Robbie, the owner’s brother, said the low prices dropped the night before.

“Low prices are a way to let customers know we are here,” he said. “The prices of gas would go back up after election day.”

It was definitely the busiest gas station in town. A customer came through the door shouting, “What’s going to happen if you run out of gas”? The busy cashier replied, “When we are out, we are out.” Another customer shared his excitement saying he had filled his tank for only $30.

Robbie then shared the story of a farmer who had come from out of town to fill a big tank he had on the back of his truck. “He paid close to $400 in gas,” Robbie said.

As people came in the store to pay for their gas, it was almost impossible for them not to shout or smile. Comments went from “Who is the master-mind behind this?” to “You better get more gas,” and the worried ones who asked if this meant gas prices would go super high the next day.

The excited people of Berwick and surrounding areas kept coming throughout the day and waited more than 10 minutes in line to get to the pump. Twenty cents seemed to make a big difference in their pockets and they were not stopped by the big wait, even though they were probably wasting more gas while they waited in line at the pump.

It has been two months after the big gas-price drop. Now, gas prices have dropped to $1.56 a gallon.  Are gas-price worries a thing of the past? Only time will tell.