The ground hog has spoken and has said six more weeks of winter. Ugh why do we leave an animal to decide when the polar vortex ends because all anyone can think about is summer and warm weather. Here are some of the things everyone can’t even about the winter anymore.


1. So my hands don’t look like the old lady’s from the Titanic


2. The only time my skin will be dry is when it’s peeling from getting tan


3. Because when people look at me I won’t be transparent



4. My complexion right now is three shades lighter than milk


5. My legs and arms will finally make there grand debut from the cold weather


6. No more puffy long marshmallow coats

christmas story

7. Because there are only so many winter outfits to wear aka fur vests


8. No more wearing coats to the bar and either having to hide it or wear it around your waist. Can you say 90’s or what?


9. No more stealing people’s jackets at the bar (you’re lying if you say you don’t do it)


10.Being able to feel your face while walking to class

101 dal

11. Thinking that 40 degrees feels like 60 degrees


12. Not wanting to leave the house because of the artic weather outside


13. Not wanting to leave bed either


14. Stilettos>>>>snow boots


15. Not having sidewalks be disguised as black ice


16. Because being tan makes everyone look hotter


17. Being able to sit outside


18. It’s a fact everyone is more happy when it’s nice out; just look on campus when it’s sunny


19. Getting those cute little freckles


20. Iced coffee beats hot coffee


21. Crop tops and shorts


22. No more piling on layers

kristen bell

23. No more excuses about it being too cold out to go out


24. Swimming in a pool all day


25. No more looking like your crying while walking to class


26. Beaches and bikini’s


27. Sand in your toes instead of snow in your socks


28. Drippy ice cream cones


29. Showering without running out of hot water

jimmy fallon

30. Not knowing what day it is


Even though you may be reading this article in bed under multiple layers of clothing, this winter will be over soon. So stay patient sunny days are coming.