During these scary and confusing times, it is important to spread light. While everyone’s social media is filled with nothing except coronavirus news, which is important to know, it can also be extremely detrimental to one’s mental health. Here are three good things happening in our world, despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. China is experiencing a dramatic drop in air pollution

Due to COVID-19, China has been forced to shut down a majority of their factories and manufacturers. China is the world’s most populated country and is a leader of the countries that have the most air pollution.

Satellite images showing China’s air pollution from NASA

NASA recently released these satellite images that show China’s air pollution from this year compared to last. There is little to no pollution in this year’s images!

2. The Venice canals have opened and cleared up

The typically cloudy and eerie canals in Venice are crystal clear and home to wildlife. Fish can now be seen swimming in the water, swans are seen floating on top and even some dolphins have been spotted.

Venice canals taken from ABC News

The canals are not necessarily clean, but since boaters and tourism have ceased, the waters have become more clear, making them more suitable for animals.

3. The Australian bushfires are all out

Starting in September of last year, Australia faced wildfires that were destroying the country. They tore apart communities, devastating not only Australia, but everyone. The fires killed half a billion animals, 11 firefighters and three Americans, according to the New York Times.

Image from The Independent showing miles of mountains damaged from the fires.

Australia is now focused on rebuilding its environment and country.

There are many more amazing things happening; these are just the biggest and most prevalent ones. Our world is going through hard times right now. We need to think of these things and other related topics daily to know that we will be okay. We are going to make it through this!