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2012 Election

Husky Corners Joins the Obama Campaign

President Obama definitely has husky pride on his side. When registering to vote in the town of Bloomsburg Pa, on downtown Main St. the Democratic headquarters are definitely getting their town involved. When walking down into the town of Bloomsburg you usually don’t see too much advertising unless it’s a Bloomsburg event. Being a student for the four years I’ve been here, this is the first time that Bloomsburg has gone all out for a presidential election. When walking through the doors you a greeted with filling out registration papers, and filling out information. With the respect of the campaigners they won’t ask who your voting for until after your done filling out your card. When asked and if you answer Obama, the campaigner will show you more reasons why your vote matters, why your vote is important, and what you can do to get others to vote for president Obama. It’s like a nice way of persuading you even more, even though your mind is made up.


Front Desk

Along with the Obama campaign have husky pride, are campus also has another convenient gesture for their BU students. The BU card center located in the bottom of Elwell Hall, currently being renovated,

Is giving students the opportunity to get your voter registration ID for no charge, being that is a requirement now to vote. You show up with you ID and all they do is scan and you get an new one saying “VOTER REGISTRATION ID” at the top of your new ID. Students opinions on this around campus feel that it is more convenient and definitely gives students a reason to go vote or register for voting. Most people wont budge if they know they have to pay for something; NO CHARGE FOR THIS CARD!