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Month: May 2011

Humanity, a Cancer?

The other night I was listening to a man discuss a theory which presented humanity as a type of bacteria or cancer that has come to settle upon the earth. I have heard some strange theories, but this in particular sparked a peculiar interest in me.

America’s Young, Wild, and nearly Free: the search for a generation’s identity

“I’m jumping on the train to anywhere, the boxcar of my dreams that will carry me far, far away from everything I love, for insanity’s sake, or a daring experiment.”

The Tale of Chase White

I woke up straining to see through the fog of what I thought were my morning eyes. Everything was a haze, a multi-colored blur, until the unfamiliar white walls caught my attention. I threw a sideways glance to try to decode my globular surroundings. Next to me were what looked to be life-support machines, their tubes jutting out in a thick, tangled mess from overuse and disregard.

Juggling college and work!

College has been referred to as one of “the best times of your life.” Parents, teachers, and adults all get so excited for young teens when they know they’re off to experience this new journey.  College is full of new…

Roller Derby Revival

Is that like WWF (wrestling) on roller skates?  That’s the question I often get when I explain to people that I am part of a roller derby league.  And the answer is, No….not really. The history of roller derby (dating…

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Great and Not-So-Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Breakfast in bed is SO over-done….try some of these gifts for Mother’s Day

Renaissance Fair Comes to Bloomsburg

Saturday, April 30 marked the 33rd Annual Renaissance Fair along Main St. in Bloomsburg. After the recent torrential downpours it was nice to see some clear blue skies and streets buzzing with life. Dozens of stands lined up the streets inviting…

Bieber’s Eggy Performance

While most of the world has been struck by “Bieber Fever” that isn’t the case in the land down under. On Sunday, May 1, Justin Bieber was set to perform in Sydney, Australia.  As he began to sing his hit…

President Confirms bin Laden’s Death

Osama bin Laden is dead. After years of searching, it has been announced that the master-mind of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 is deceased. The announcement of his death spread like fire throughout multiple news stations on Sunday,…

Top Osama Facebook Statuses

The death of Osama bin Laden has caught the worlds attention. BU Now has gone ahead and compiled some of the top Facebook statuses about a moment that will be remembered in history. A little light humor to help you…