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Month: February 2009

The Small Office of Big Importance

Tucked away in the far corner past Roongo’s in the student services center is a small office of big importance. The newly named Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach is the gateway for any student in need of internship help. Internships are an important part of the college learning experience. Information is everywhere, and the Office of Academic Internships and Community Outreach is there to help answer questions and find the right internship.

Stopping for Directions at Road to Success Banquet

Executives from Giant Food Store gave students direction on the Road to Success last week at the Road to Success Banquet on Friday, February 20, in the Kehr Union Ballroom. The event was sponsored by the Bloomsburg chapters of the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) and of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

Beat the Bulge on Break

No need to set aside time for work outs on spring break, you’ll already be doing it!

Obama to Address the State of the Nation

Watch President Obama address the state of the nation tonight through Facebook and CNN. Go to CNN and click on “live video” at the top left. Join in the chat on Facebook!

Hiding our faces

You may have noticed a lot of your closest friends changing their last names on Facebook recently. Don’t go planning the Bachelor party just yet. These name changes are just a form of protection against potential employers who may want to snoop through your personal business. With so many students taking steps to hide their valuable secrets, we offer some creative ways to protect your identity.

Top Ten Spring Break Must-Haves

Girls, don’t know what to pack for spring break? Check out some must-haves for any warm getaway…

In Homecoming Fallout, Both Sides Wrong

Apparently, no one ever taught us how to remove a band-aid. Instead of quickly acting to find a solution, we are instead embroiled in a never-ending discussion that is slowly causing more pain than good.
I don’t have all the answers. All I can offer is an outsider’s perspective.

Rendell pushes for reform of districts

PA Governor Ed Rendell unveiled a proposal which he believes will save money and help the state’s public schools attain success. Perhaps the biggest part of Rendell’s plan is consolidating the states 501 school districts into 100 much larger districts

Staff YouTube Picks

There are millions of YouTube videos out there but these will keep you entertained for hours.

President Soltz Follows Up on Forum

Following last night’s forum, which was kept to just over an hour, several questions swarmed BU Now’s newsroom, so the staff contacted Soltz for a follow up.