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Month: January 2009

BU Student Charged with Rape; Man had Prior History of Crimes Against Young Girls

A mentally disabled Bloomsburg University student was charged with raping a woman at knifepoint on Wednesday in Bloomsburg. The student has had a past history of assaulting young girls according to a Press Enterprise report.

University to Adopt New Email System

The student email system will be upgraded to Microsoft Life@edu by mid-May. The switch entails several upgrades from the current mymail system, including lifetime activity.

Labels Are for Clothes, Not People

The problem with being judgmental is when you start using your judgment as fact, rather than as the opinion they are. These judgments should always be growing and open to change. I’ll be the first one to admit that my first impressions of other people are not always right.

“Just Dance” : Get the Record Straight

Before I go I would like to inform this anonymous writer that I am going to stay on my pedestal because I know what is right and what is wrong and what is going on here at Bloomsburg University is WRONG whether you want to admit it or not. What happened is unfair and it is unjust and I am going to continue to voice my opinion FROM MY PEDESTAL until this wrongdoing is corrected and CHANGE OCCURS.

No Honors for BU Administration

The course which the University has taken to address, better yet, not address, this situation cannot help but to prompt questions of suspicion from those honors students adversely affected by it. This University is by no means slow to report campus news to its students, as is evident by the ever-changing content on the Today page of the website, as well as mass emails sent on a daily basis.

And We’re Back! What We Despise, What Helps Us Survive…

Each new semester offers us an opportunity to make the most out of our time here and to take full advantage of where our education can take us. So, this spring make sure you live your life, write your own rules, and always look to the future.


President Soltz Releases Letter Concerning Hiring Freeze, Economic Issues Hitting BU

Late this morning, President Soltz issued a letter to students addressing the questions he has received over the past weeks concerning the hiring freeze instituted by PASSHE.

Hiring Freeze Crisis Hits Home for BU: PASSHE’s Decision Leaves Empty Positions While Funding Cuts Take a Toll on the University

The current economic situation spreading across the globe has begun to create noticeable harm on the administration of Bloomsburg University as the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has announced a hiring freeze leaving some positions vacant.

“We Want to Share in the Awkwardness…"

So send us the best and the worst drunk texts that you receive or send each weekend. In the meantime, take a look at our ranking chart that should help you understand the art of the drunken text just a little bit better.

Huskies Host National Power, Drop Tough Match

In the next contest the Huskies’ number 10 Matt Moley faced Tyler Grayson. Moley quickly grabbed hold of the match, earning a takedown in the first 25 seconds, then tilting his opponent for three sets of three-point near falls, ending the period with an 11-0 lead. After not much action in the middle period, the third period saw Moley earn a takedown and a quick two back points to win the match by technical fall, 16-0. The win brought the team to within a point of the visitors at 6-5.