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Month: October 2008

Centralia – A Ghost Town?

Polcovich, Timko, Maddox, McPeak, Shemonski, Hoskie, Wasil Fedock, Chudeovich, Zaluskex, Baroway, Oryniack, Kreptock, Ryan, Curran, Brennan, Callahan, Kane, Wyne, Lavelle, McGinlley, McDonnell, Conrey, Lagaz, McHale, O’Donnell, Bosche, Horan, Mumford, McCullion… Gravestones with Russian letters, Irish and Polish names and orthodoxies…

Get out the Vote–And Win a Pizza Party!

With the generous support of the faculty union APSCUF, and the tremendous help of Residence Life, I am very happy to announce that on November 4th–VOTING DAY–a contest will be held for each of the dorms and all three BU…

Andruss Library: Haunted or Just Full of Really Big Books?

For some Bloomsburg University students Andruss Library is a frightening place.  Understandably so.  Four floors of thick tomes and dusty dictionaries is enough to give anyone the shivers.  Yellowing newspapers and stacks of unwatched foreign films further add to the…

While Huskies Head Forward, We Look Back

This weekend marks Bloomsburg’s 81st consecutive Homecoming celebration. The Bloomsburg Huskies are matched up against West Chester this Saturday with hopes of declaring their 10th win of the season. They are currently ranked #1 for the week of October 27th in the NCAA Super Regional 1. Before we even begin looking into the future though, take time to look back at the beginnings of the tradition that we all know as Homecoming.

Empire Falls – A Book Review

Empire Falls is also relatable to every person who reads it because outsourcing is at its center, and how many people know someone who has been negatively affected by such a practice? Read Empire Falls if you feel you’ve been screwed over by a place to which you’ve been loyal.

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Dead Space: High Caliber Horror

The combat is this game’s most innovative feature. While the monsters are undead, the classic “shoot them in the head” method will not work here. In order to dispatch these monsters, you must strategically dismember them. This adds a sense of complexity to the game as the player must figure out witch limbs to remove in order to kill a particular creature.

Cross Country Recap – Teams to Compete in PSAC Championships This Weekend

Take a look at how the season has progressed for the BU Cross Country team.  The slideshow below consists of photos from the Husky, Iona and Penn State Invitationals, and are all provided by a team parent, Cathy Moyer. The…

Al Gore Live Webcast (8:30pm est.)

The feed will start at approximately 8:30pm, don’t be late!

A Winter Wonder-land

With the end of the championship drought hanging in the balance, the city of Philadelphia is left covered in a blanket of snow and doubt. As brutal winter weather pounds the city, everyone is left wondering when there will be some closure to Game 5 of the World Series. Take a look into the mind of a Bloomsburg Phillies fan trapped in the most frustrated city.

Jim Thorpe Old Jail: haunted or just my imagination?

Opened in 1871, the Old Jail in Jim Thorpe still looms over the town today, as if not wanting to be forgotten. Entering through its large wooden doors offers a journey to the past, a view of history many people…