Ah yes, it has finally come to be time for the donkey or the elephant to be put in the spotlight; it’s Election Day! Tuesday November 4th, 2008 is the most important day of the year.

The number of registered voters is record-breaking and so is the number of voters showing up at the polls.This election is historic no matter what the outcome.

A Democrat has not won presidency since 1964, our country has never had a black President and we’ve never had a woman Vice President.Now that’s something our generation has to look forward to in the years to come!

Long lines and wait times greeted voters across the country today in this race for Presidency. I’ve been told from people in the areas of Northumberland County that wait times to cast ballots are ranging from one to three hours.

A friend of mine from Shamokin, which isn’t far from Bloomsburg, didn’t have to wait to vote but did have to vote by paper ballot. She said that the place where she voted had 364 voters earlier this afternoon; and that is just one section of the town.

There are some bizarre developing stories out across the country at the polls today.

Fox News reported online that “The McCain camp is reporting in Lancaster, Pa., that Republican voters are telling them they are receiving fake calls saying their polling places have changed.”

Voters have been reporting that their polling stations are not prepared and that voting lists were inaccurate. Another large issue occurring at the polls today is voting machines have been breaking down which is raising eyebrows on some voters who have to cast paper ballots.

I asked junior Amanda Noll how she felt about paper ballots and she said, “It makes me feel a bit insecure and paranoid. The paper ballot thing doesn’t seem like it would have a high success rate of accurateness; a piece of paper can easily get misplaced, lost, dropped, or whatever. I just don’t like it”

I also asked her why she feels that this election is so important to us and our generation; she said, “The outcome of this election seems that it will ultimately determine our future as college graduates; including our jobs and how much money we will be making.”

Of course everyone knows what day it is, but do you think you know just how important this day really is?

John Beale/AP    photograph is from MSNBC.com ‘Line Just Keeps Going and Going’
John Beale/AP photograph is from MSNBC.com ‘Line Just Keeps Going and Going’