Day 4: Pokémon Black and White 2

As kids, most of us remember pogs, Hey Arnold, and Wonder Balls. Although those have all come and gone, one memory still stays relevant in today’s world – Pokémon. Pokémon is still in business and making more games like their current one, Pokémon Black and White 2, for the Nintendo DS.

The main character in a gym with the new, high definition graphics

The new generation of the Pokémon games has some original elements that old school players will love and some new ones that keep the game interesting and fresh. New elements like world tournaments to continually train, habitat functions, which allow you to see which pokémon live where, and the addition of a key system, which awards you with different keys when meeting certain requirements. The graphics are vamped up in incredible 3D like never before and uniquely visually appealing to players.

This game has two different versions that you can choose from, Black 2 and White 2. The two games follow a similar story line, but there are some noticeable differences this time around. Each game has some exclusive pokémon to each version, including the legendary you capture towards the end. There are different locations and routes in each game, like Reversal Mountain, which is water based in Black 2 and ice based in White 2. The return of Black City and White Forest make an appearance, as well. Other differences include:

Black 2:

Challenge Mode Key:By beating the Champion of the Elite 4 you can unlock this key which will raise the difficulty of all trainers in the game

  • Black City Key: By winning Floor 5 of Black Tower you can unlock the ability to let your friends with White 2 access Black City
  • Route 4: In Black 2, Route 4 features a heavily developed area with modern buildings


White 2:

  • Assist Mode Key: By beating the Champion of the Elite 4 you can unlock this key which will lower the difficulty of all trainers in the game
  • White Forest Key: By winning Floor 5 of White Treehollow you can unlock the ability to let your friends with Black 2 access White Forest
  • Route 4: In White 2, Route 4 has many ruins which have been discovered through the excavation of the desert area

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You can see a full list of differences between the games on

Route 4 on the Black 2 version

Route 4 on the White 2 version


The nice thing about these games is that it isn’t mandatory for you to play the first Pokémon Black and Whiteto play along with this sequel. Events follow the path of the first one, but most of

them are explained throughout the game play. Trading and playing with friends expands and extends your game. Personally, I’ve kept every single Pokémon game because of the endless content you play with in the game once you’ve beaten it, like train pokémon, share new areas between different games, and trade to complete your pokédex.

If none of this is making sense to you, let me make it simple. The amount of differences in these games, unlike other past linear Pokémon games, makes the decision of which version to buy worth thinking about. If you’re buying for a child, chances are boys will like Black 2 and girls will like White 2 based on events and pokémon.

Pokémon is a timeless favorite and ageless, as well. I’d suggest this game for younger kids and young adults primarily. Pokémon Black and White 2 will surely please your loved one this holiday season.


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