Christmas time is almost here, and that means it is time to start thinking about what to get your significant other as a gift. Shopping for guys can be difficult sometimes because they never tell their women what they want for Christmas. Never fear, because men usually have very simple tastes, so it won’t be hard once you have an idea of what guys like to have and wear. So ladies, here are 10 gift suggestions for you to get for your “Bae” this Christmas season.

Hockey tickets– Guys are always suckers for tickets to sporting events, and since it is winter, we’ll go with the sport of Hockey. NHL tickets average from the nosebleeds ($30-50) to the primetime seats behind the glass ($150-180), and everything in between. Your man will love you for getting him tickets to his favorite sports, and he will proceed to explain the rules and finer points of the game for your when your there. It’s not all bad ladies, as you will get too see muscular men skate at a high speed, and if you’re lucky you’ll see a fight or two, which is always exciting. Ticket prices courtesy of the New York Islanders’ ticket website.

Nike League Knit jacket- This is a savvy purchase that will instantly become one of your man’s favorite articles of clothing. On, it goes for $65, which isn’t unreasonable if you and your “boo thang” have been together for an extended period of time. It’s a stylish and comfortable light jacket that will have your man looking good when he takes you out to dinner. It is available in four different color schemes, which can be found here- Link

Lacoste “Live” Cologne– This classy fragrance is something that women will love to have their man wear. It starts out a $42 for a 1.3 oz. bottle, and is a great gift for your man this Christmas season. (Link)



iHome– A useful buy for any guy, this device will be put to good use in a dorm room, apartment or house, and will be used daily. He can charge his phone, play music and set his alarms through the iHome, so he will greatly appreciate this gift. Prices range on the iHome, but there is one available at JCPenny on sale for$53.99 (originally $135). It comes in four colors and if ordered soon, will get here in time for Christmas. (Link)

Flannel Lounge Pants – These lounge pants are super comfy and can be worn to bed or for just lounging in your house. They are available in many stores, but here is a link to Nordstrom’s site, where they are 100% cotton with an elastic waist band (Available in six colors). (Link)

North Face Denali Gloves– These gloves are super soft and comfortable, and can be worn throughout the winter season. They come in four different colors and are moderately priced at $30.00. (Link)

Ariana Grande’s Christmas Extended Play– Who doesn’t love pop sensation Ariana Grande? Even though her Christmas EP is only four songs, it only costs $4.99 on iTunes. Your man will enjoy listening to her songs while he makes you dinner over the holidays. (Link)

Under Armour UA Tech T-Shirt– This t-shirt is perfect for any guy who plans to work out and stay in shape over winter break. It comes in eight different colors and the fabric wicks sweat to keep you cool. Girls, if you want to see your man get into top shape for you, you have to equip him with the proper gear. (Link)


Adidas Crazy Socks– Since socks have become an important item to showcase in public, why not try some Adidas socks? They come in many sizes, colors and designs, and will have your significant other looking stylish at the gym, on the court, or just about anywhere he goes. (Link)

Moccasins– What guy doesn’t love having a comfortable pair of Moccasins to relax in after a long day at school or work. These slippers will keep him warm and cozy during the cold winter season. Worried about spending a fortune? Look no further than Kohl’s where they are currently having a sale online on most of their Moccasins, some of which even have school logos on them. Nothing will make your man happier than to lay with you while wearing Moccasins with his favorite school’s logo on them. (Link)

Hopefully, you are able to find a thing (or two) that the special guy in your life will enjoy this Christmas season. Best of luck!