Sometimes we just want to do something relaxing and fun but don’t have the necessary monetary funds. For those of you who are having that problem, here are 10 things you can do to relax for little to no cost.

netfg1. Watch Netflix or DVDs

It can be nice to just stay in, watch some movies or catch up on shows while snacking and drinking tea or coffee depending on your preference.

2. Take a walk at a park or the nearest body of water

Getting out of the house and taking in some fresh air could be just what you need. Be a little kid again, go on the swings, slide, or monkey bars. Watch the water in a creek or even a fountain flow. The sound of water can help you wind down and maybe even enjoy some meditation, before you have to pee that is.

3. Have a picnic

Make some food at home or just bring some snacks to the park or a field and have a AB49picnic. Lay your blanket down and take a seat. This would also be a good chance to play catch or Frisbee if you brought people along. You could even stay until dark and watch the stars.

4. Take a long hot shower or a bubble bath

Relax in a warm soapy tub, play some soft music and light some candles. Or just stay in the shower for longer, and let the water run down your body and forget all your worries.

8-loungewear-too5. Put on comfortable clothes and just lounge around the house

Be a couch potato for the day in your baggiest clothes. Wrap a blanket around yourself like you’re in a cocoon and watch some TV or even a movie.

6. Make new meals or snacks

Take whatever is in the house and experiment. Try making a new dish and combine ingredients that you’ve never combined before.

7. Have a sleepover and make a fort

Invite your friends over and make a fort out of pillows and blankets. If you have a big tumblr_llv3s6wfgM1qax517o1_500dining room table, put blankets over top of it to make it tent like underneath, then throw in some extra blankets and some pillows. Plus you can do other fun things at sleepovers, like play games, dance around like idiots, make prank phone calls, bake, etc.

8. Go out for coffee with a friend

Just taking a walk to a coffee place with a friend and sitting there, chatting can be very relaxing.

hqdefault9. Lay out in the sun

Sun bathing can be very relaxing and even good for you; getting Vitamin D is essential to everyday health. (Be sure to use sun screen.) Laying outside with the heat of the sun beaming on you just makes you feel so calm and peaceful.

10. Go on a long drive

Get in your car, put the windows down (unless it’s cold), and just drive to nowhere. Blast the radio and sing at the top of your lungs. Sure, other drivers might look in your car and wonder what this freak is doing, but who cares what they think.

Give some of these suggestions a try if you want to relax and are on a budget!