75-Year Residents of Bloom Visit the Polls

“The line was too long this morning,” said Dick, “so we decided to come back and try it again this afternoon.” The Spaids don’t discuss who they are voting for with each other, but they are both registered as Democrats.

Election Day Brings Nerves, Excitement

With a line that stretched out the front door, the historical proportion of today’s election was not lost on him.

Who Says Politics Is Going To The Dogs?

With the election of the 44th President of the U.S. in sight, voters are finalizing their decisions and preparing to cast their ballots.The race to the White House has been a close one from...

Jerry Manley Makes His Voice Heard

Twenty-year-old Jerry Manley planned to be the first student to vote today at 7 am at the Kehr Union voting booth. He doesn’t plan on getting much sleep tonight or tomorrow night in the excitement of Election Day. He believes that more students will be voting this year than ever before.

BU Student Helps Change History

Today is Election Day. A day when a new leader of the nation is selected, causing America’s future to be altered.

Food For Thought

For many early morning voters, it is difficult to eat breakfast, get to their polling place, cast their votes, and make it to work on time.  That is where the voters' bake table can...

Small Towns – Every Vote Counts

Small-towns in elections not only have few people, but few voters as well. These are not typically “hot-spots” for campaigning either...

New American Citizen Casts His Vote

Every morning Mikhail Litvinov, a 21-year-old senior at Bloomsburg University, commutes to school from his house in Drums. Litvinov has been anxiously awaiting this Tuesday morning in November.

Will thousands of new voters gum up voting process?

By Tanya Pecorari The 2008 presidential election is finally closing in today with a record high of 8.75 million Pennsylvanian registered to vote. One question that arises for young Bloomsburg University student Jared Ferreira is whether...

“I love it, I absolutely love it.” BU students get excited about voting in...

Most college students don’t even know what 9 a.m. looks like, let alone are awake and thinking about politics. Nicole Kelly, however, was already up and running by this time. She had made it to the polls and voted before many other students had heard their alarm clocks.