Showing Up at the Polls in Style

Students trailed in throughout the day before or after classes in casual attire. However, the majority of African American students, as if premeditated, came to vote dressed differently.

History in the Making

The biggest news story as of today is the 2008 United States Presidential Election. Many people are looking forward to getting their voice heard and casting their votes for either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain.

The Voting Crowd at the Kehr

Kevin Chavarria arrived at the Kehr Union this morning thinking that he could vote early, grab a quick breakfast and make it to his 9:30 class on time. But he didn't plan on waiting behind 75 students.

Campus Election Volunteers

A passerby here, a passerby there. This is the life of an election worker trying to spread the word about their respected candidates on campus.

Long Lines at Polling Stations: A Potential Problem?

As we all know, this presidential election is "the one:" the results will bring either the first black president or the first female vice president. But will long lines at polling station deter voters from...

Student Leader Reflects On Campaign

Daniel Rae, 19, sits at the front desk of Elwell Hall, a textbook open in front of him...unread.  He glances at a yellow sheet of paper that hangs on the wall inside the office....

First Timers: The U.S. Presidential Election

As Election Day rapidly approached, many anxiously waited to place their vote in one of the biggest U.S. Presidential elections in U.S. history.

In the Name of HOPE (Commentary)

We all have associations and bonds that help us identify who we are. We all know the loyalty and trust that we hold in the values we keep dear. We cling to these institutions to recognize what...

Lining Up to Make a Difference

According to, students waited in line for over an hour outside of Drexel University's campus to vote.

False Information Aimed at Voters

Across America there have been reports of people and groups trying to confuse voters in today’s election. Newsletters, e-mails and robo-calls have been sent out stating that voting times and days have been changed in an effort to thwart voters from getting to the polls and voting for their candidate.