Voting day is finally here!

  Americans have the privilege and responsibility to select the candidate who is best suited to help America recover during one of its lowest economic points. Voter turnout was expected to surpass records in several...

Enthusiasm Runs High On Election Night

The sun is beginning to set on one of the most important days for our country.  Even though it is late in the evening, volunteers are still in full gear.  Inside and outside Kehr...

Vote Here!

The red, white, and blue VOTE HERE signs welcomed voters to the Bloomsburg fire department to cast their vote for the next president of the United States.

Will “Joe the Plumber” be a Bummer?

Throughout the presidential race, candidates have been experimenting with many campaign tactics.

Bloomsburg Student Excited for Change in the Oval Office

As time winds down and the new president of our country is revealed, voters are experiencing a full range of emotions.

Door to Door For Change

Danny Montalvo has spent the past week going door to door in search of students who would like a “Support Barack Obama” poster to display. Montalvo, a member of the University Democrats at Bloomsburg...

First Time Voting, Still Undecided

This election is expected to get a lot of votes from Generation Y, as most of them will be voting for a presidential candidate for their first time.

Obama Wins Vermont, McCain Wins Kentucky

Photoshop Election! First results in for Vermont and Kentucky. McCain takes Kentucky and Obama takes Vermont. Vermont is known for its great skiing and Kentucky is of course known for its great chicken.

Huge Numbers Leading to Huge Wait Times

Ah yes, it has finally come to be time for the donkey or the elephant to be put in the spotlight; it’s Election Day! Tuesday November 4th, 2008 is the most important day of the year.

Obama’s the man for this BU voter

By Saroya Royster This morning Cheyonna Anderson, a senior here at Bloomsburg University, willingly woke up early to start her day. Out of the house by 10 a.m., she headed down to lower campus to...