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Kathy Mattea Brings Joyful Noise to Mitrani Hall

Grammy award-winning country singer, Kathy Mattea entertained an audience in Mitrani Hall on Friday, April 26, with her charm, wit, and soul filled music. The CMA award-winning performer recently released a new album full of...

Smoking Ban or Kicking a Bad Habit

Everyone is sick of hearing about all the dangerous side effects of smoking and secondhand smoke…but for all of those who enjoyed having a smoke out at the local bars and restaurants have now faced the reality that Bloomsburg has gone smoke-free.

Door to Door For Change

Danny Montalvo has spent the past week going door to door in search of students who would like a “Support Barack Obama” poster to display. Montalvo, a member of the University Democrats at Bloomsburg...

BU is Taking Action to Increase Student Voting

The 2016 Presidential election is quite a big one, and now more than ever people are being encouraged to exercise their right to vote. Young people, mostly college students, often get a bad rep...

Osama bin Laden Announced Dead

President Barack Obama has just announced that Osama bin Laden has been killed by Joint Special Operations Command forces working with the CIA.  bin Laden had been known as one of the, if not...
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